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Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Three Settings

According to my cousin Andrew, I have three settings.
1. OK
2. Not OK
3. Nuclear
Andrew would know this because he spent everyday with my family for the last two years. I am stubborn, bullheaded and really indomitable for the most part. I blame this on my Taekwondo roots. We had to recite these tenets everyday, actually several times a day for me because I taught classes too.
Self- control
Indomitable spirit.
My character was founded on those words. Add to that the street sense I had to learn to survive and then the mixture of Jesus an you have quite a warrior type person. I call the core of ourselves our dogs. It's my analogy for my own understanding. If you can keep that dog leashed and underfed you can control him. Yourself. I call mine the Anima. My friends and I all have names for our egos. It helps us to humorously keep track of them. "Watch out, Lisa... I see the winds of Anima" Andrew says. So, when I am tempered by God and my full Anima is unleashed into the fire, I have a tendency to go nuclear. I have been working on this for fifteen years. Yes, you heard me right. Fifteen years! I told you I was stubborn! Anyway.... today God told me that I went from nuclear to volcanic. You're probably laughing at me. That may not be a big deal to you, but you don't deal with the storm in the winds of my Anima. I do and I am very pleased with myself to have kept some of those winds under control during this tempering. So now my three settings are:
1. OK
2. Not OK
3. Volcanic
Maybe it won't take another fifteen years to get more control of my dog. I will keep working on it.